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Parliaments, Estates and Representation is the journal of the International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions. It is peer-reviewed and is published three times a year. It is concerned with political theory and the institutional practice of representation, as well as the internal organization and the social and political background to parliaments and assemblies of estates. The journal publishes scholarly articles covering the whole spectrum of the history of representative institutions up to the present day. It welcomes all contributions which fall within its field of interest, including papers presented at the conferences of the ICHRPI.

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Dr John R. Young is the editor of the journal. If you are submitting an article or have any queries regarding a potential submission, please contact him directly.

Dr Coleman A. Dennehy is the reviews editor. If there is a recently published book that you would like to see reviewed, please contact him directly.


Editorial Board

Guido D’Agostino – University of Naples, Italy

Joseba Agirreazkuenaga – University of the Basque Country, Spain

Peter J. Aschenbrenner, Independent Scholar, USA

Bertrand Augé – University of Pau, France

Thomas N. Bisson – Harvard University, USA

Wilhelm Brauneder – Honorary Past President, Austria

Maria Helena da Cruz Coelho – University of Coimbra, Portugal

Henry Cohn – University of Warwick, UK

Maria Sofia Corciulo – Honorary Past President, Italy

Jean Garrigues – University of Orléans, France

Sandro Guerrieri – University of Rome, La Sapienza, Italy

Michel Hébert – University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada

Johannes Helmrath – Humboldt University, Germany

Lothar Höbelt – University of Vienna, Austria

Eva Jedruch – Independent scholar, USA

Georgia Karvanaki – Independent scholar, Greece

Gerald Kohl – University of Vienna, Austria

László Komáromi – Pázmány Peter Catholic University, Hungary

Macarena Ponce de León – Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Chile

Alastair Mann – University of Stirling, UK

Estevăo de Rezende Martins – University of Brasilia, Brazil

Mario Di Napoli – The Senate of Italy, Italy

Sorin Radu – University ‘Lucian Blaga’ din Sibiu, Romania

John Rogister – Honorary Past President, UK

Paul Seaward – The History of Parliament, UK

Akira Shibutani – Shimane University, Japan

Francesco Soddu – University of Sassari, Italy

Joachim Stieber – Smith College, USA

Magdolna Szigeti – Pázmány Peter Catholic University, Hungary

Mikel Urquijo – University of the Basque Country, Spain