The Emile Lousse Essay Prize

The ICHRPI is pleased to announce the competition for the 2020 Emile Lousse Prize, named in honour of Professor Emile Lousse, a leading Belgian medieval scholar who was one of the founding fathers of the International Commission. The prize, with a value of 600 Swiss francs, will be awarded to the best article accepted for publication in Parliaments, Estates & Representation / Parlements, √Čtats & Repr√©sentation by a scholar aged under 40.

Articles for the 2020 prize should be submitted to the editor of PER, Dr John R. Young, (), by Friday 29 January 2021. Articles should be submitted in English, French or German, and will be subject to peer review, in line with editorial policy. The prize will be decided on by a panel of judges chaired by the President of the International Commission, Professor Joseba Agirreazkuenaga. Proof of age should be submitted in the form of a scanned identity document. The winner of the 2020 prize will be announced at the ICHRPI conference in Athens in October 2021. Please note that previous winners of the prize are not eligible for the competition.